Drawing Game

Doodle Jot is an HTML 5 / Canvas based game headed to the app stores this summer. It is an internal project here, at RAIN, built to demonstrate the abilities of HTML based applications.

DoodleJot Phones DoodleJot Phones DoodleJot Phones

RAIN came up with an idea for a drawing game that would become an ultimate time killer thanks to its simplicity and fun features. The main objective was to keep it HTML based, yet be fast, responsive, and usable without native device code. Due to the nature of this project, UX phase was combined with design prototyping in order to start the development process as early as possible.

DoodleJot uses transitions, animations, and HTML5 Canvas for a fully interactive social game experience, and we didn't use Cocoa or Java to write it. The game is leveraged across multiple platforms and is beautiful to boot!


Turnberry App

Turnberry Solutions is an IT consulting and professional services firm with a proven track record delivering large-scale technology projects. Turnberry’s team of highly skilled consultants and technologists have designed, implemented, and deployed some of the world’s most scalable business enablement platforms for clients in the enterprise and mid-market.

RAIN has worked with Turnberry to deliver usable, scalable mobile solutions for their top clients. Turnberry uses RAIN for Mobile User Experience (UX) design as well as front end development of some mobile applications. Recently RAIN has been tasked with designing a cross platform and mobile web HIPAA compliant secure messaging application. 

Accolade Phones Accolade Phones Accolade Phones

The mobile application had to co-exist with similar desktop version that has been already implemented and introduced to the end-user. The app had to be slick, responsive, and extremely user-friendly. It also had to work within the most current Brand Guidelines to make a smooth transition from online tool to mobile device.


We started with Discovery phase concentrating on client’s end-user. We researched an existing online tool along with client data to see how employees search for health benefits answers and how they communicate with their Health Assistants. This process helped create knowledge base that was further refined and used in wireframe creation.

Based on the wireframes, RAIN designed and developed a highly agile and flexible application that works flawlessly on all mobile devices. It was very well received by Turnberry Solutions and helped their clients transition to mobile platform without a hitch.

Turnberry Phones


Before getting to know your users, we get to know you. Our process begins with taking a look at the bigger picture. By identifying your digital presence and goals, we begin to understand why users want to connect with you and how they get value for their time. With this in mind, Rain can build a mobile solution that simply works – helping your business run and grow.

Mobile Strategy Mobile Strategy

Mobile Strategy

At Rain, we go the extra mile to understand who you are and what you want to achieve before we start brainstorming. After identifying your objectives, Rain maps out a mobile app strategy that best serves your target audience. We apply a user-centered approach to design and development, while focusing on mobile as the first user touch-point. What results is a distinct mobile platform that engages your customers and expands your business.

User Experience

User Experience

Why do we invest so much into user experience? In today’s digital landscape, countless mobile applications are the fingertips of users. To adapt, businesses need to create mobile apps that function to meet the evolving needs and expectations of customers. Getting a user to download your mobile app is only the start - providing one that becomes a part of your customer’s everyday life is where Rain’s expertise can help.

Rain puts the quality of user experience at the forefront of mobile app development. We move through design and development by emphasizing the basic elements of user experience, from when we build the information architecture to when we identify potential handling errors. We help ensure our app’s usability by observing mobile usage in natural everyday environments and in numerous other mobile contexts. In the end, we build products that are responsive and interactive, making your customer’s tasks simple, intuitive and even enjoyable.

User Experience

Mobile Design and Development

Above all, Rain keeps one focus throughout design and development: giving customers access to you and your products. Rain’s mobile-first approach allows users to continuously access the information they need from any device they use. We carefully reinforce the responsive design of our mobile solutions, ensuring they operate on several form factors. And equally important, we build our applications and destinations with standard open source tools, providing you with maintainable and lasting solutions. By focusing on mobile usage throughout design and development, Rain keeps you connected to your customers.

About RAIN

Rain’s expertise provides clear mobile solutions that connect you with your customers. Our emphasis on user experience throughout our method, strategy and development transforms how clients discover and manage your offerings. We look at your IT and mobile vision holistically and develop a single mobile platform that your users can access at work, at home and on the go. Our mobile-first approach to web design creates destinations that don’t just look good but work well too.

Phil Ives

Phil Ives

Co-Founder, Technology

Phil Ives is an entrepreneurial technologist focused on consumer applications and technology products. Throughout his career he has focused on delivering innovative, mass-appeal consumer-facing technology at companies like Comcast, QVC,, SIVOO, one of the first feature-length streaming sites and has consulted to both Silicon Valley Startups and Fortune 100 companies on their video and mobile development.

Phil Ives

Tim Kin

Co-Founder, Creative

Tim’s journey in design spans for almost 20 years and includes diverse range of industries, from healthcare and education to entertainment and consumer-focused web and mobile applications. He believes “user first” approach to interactive design is an essential part of modern technology, regardless the device it’s built for. His everyday design decisions utilize that vision, help build better products, and make the toughest clients happy.